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Letterpress On Social Media

If you’re looking for more Letterpress resources, your best bet is to look at social media. Through social media, you can find new opponents, ask questions about gameplay and get technical assistance with any issues you are having. You can also report bugs and find out about updates and changes to the game.

You can find the official Letterpress Twitter and the atebit Twitter (the Letterpress developer) page too. For some reason atebits does not have a Facebook page for the company or the Letterpress app, but you can check fan pages here: Letterpress Facebook and Letterpress Cheat Twitter. You can also join in discussions on Google Plus.


Letterpress Cheat

With any new word game, it’s only a matter of time before a way to cheat comes out.  With Letterpress, it was only a few days before people had figured out how to cheat and were sharing this information on the net.  People posted cheat methods as simple as using existing word builder sites like Words With Friends Help or Scrabble Word Maker. They also posted complex cheat methods like actually hacking into the files on an iPhone, iPod or iPad and changing the dictionary of the game to allow any string of characters to be recognized as a valid word.

Articles popped up on major news and blog communities liked Squidoo, where there are already multiple articles with titles like, Letterpress Cheat Guide and How To Secretly Cheat At WordPress.

Next came sites that are specifically designed to cheat at the game. Some sites quickly added pages to their existing roster and use dictionaries from Words With Friends or Scrabble. Other sites were launched before they were complete, simply to cash in on the search engine traffic. an example of one of the sites. The dictionary is incomplete and most searches simply time out or crash your web browser.

One of the only sites we found that uses the actual dictionary from the game is Sites that use the actual dictionary are head and shoulders above the others because they don’t bog you down with words that are not playable or omit words that could be used if they were in the dictionary. While is a good site, it is just a straight Letterpress Solver site with no advanced features. There is another example of this type of site at Their Letterpress site uses the correct dictionary as well.

If you really want the best way to Cheat At Letterpress, you need to check out Not only do they use the actual dictionary, but you can also do advanced searches by choosing specific letters from the 25 letter grid that you want the results to include. This is a very handy tool for finding words to win a game or lock key letters in the game. It was also by far the fastest and most reliable site in our tests. All the other sites had at least some lag time in displaying the results. consistently showed fast, accurate lists.

Letterpress – A Word Game

Letterpress is an awesome new word game created by “internet famous” techie, Loren Brichter.  Loren B created the piece of digital technology that many of us now use on a daily basis.  The “pull down to refresh” feature that is found all over the iPhone 5 interface and on all iDevices running OS 5.0 and newer.  You can also see this feature in mobile apps like Facebook and Twitter.

Letterpress is a nice change from other word games like Words With Friends, in that it has a simple clean interface and there is more to it than just playing the longest, most obscure word.  While this IS important, there is also other key strategy involved that requires you to take over as many letter spaces on the board as possible, while protecting the ones you’ve already got.  Think Boggle (Scramble With Friends) meets Go (the ancient Chinese stones game).
Letterpress is a fun game with a rapidly increasing user base.  I highly recommend that you give it a shot if you are a fan of word games or word puzzles.

You can Download Letterpress for iPhone, iPad and iPod at iTunes.  Hopefully an Android version is in the works.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.